SRS320J Inward Seaming and J Seaming MachineSRS:320:J FILTER SEAMER FOR ‘J’ TYPE INWARD SEAMING

Introducing our ‘J’ Type Filter Seaming Machine, specially crafted for high-pressure applications:

  • Innovative ‘J’ Profile Seaming: Seam inwards to create a ‘J’ profile, ideal for high-pressure filter applications.
  • Precision Control: PLC-based Control Panel ensures accuracy in every seaming operation.
  • Robust Build: Heavy-duty construction for durability and stability under high-pressure conditions.
  • Secure Clamping: Pneumatic positive clamping ensures a secure grip during the seaming process.
  • Efficient Lifting: Hydraulic lifting system for smooth and efficient operation.
  • User-Friendly Operation: Semi-automatic dual push-button operation for ease of use.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Accepts a wide range of filter diameters and heights, providing flexibility for different applications.
  • Quick Changeover: Facilitates quick changeovers, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Certified Safety: Available with CE Certification, meeting international safety standards.

The Filter to be Seamed along with the Tapped Plate is placed on the filter holder.
Dual push buttons (Optional Foot Switch) are simultaneously pressed and released.
The Filter is clamped, raised to the Seaming head, Seamed, brought down and unclamped.
All operations are done automatically and consecutively without operator intervention.
The machine is now ready for the next filter.

Video of J Hook Filter Seamer. Inward Seaming Machine.

Output Capacity 4-5 Filters / minute
Min./Max. Can Dia. 40/210 mm (1.6/8.3 in.)*
Max. Can/Drum Length 250 mm (10 in.)*
Max. Sheet Thickness 1.20 mm (0.047″)*
Motor Power 3-5 Hp Main (depending on sheet thickness) + 2HP Hydraulic Power Pack
Air required 
3 Bar.
Net Weight 1050 Kgs. (2320 lbs.)
Gross Weight 1250 Kgs. (2755 lbs.)
Case Dimensions 1800 x 750 x 1050 mm
(71 x 30 x 42 in.)




Can be modified to suit customers requirements and applications.

“BMT™ manufactures J Hook Inward  Heavy Duty Filter Seaming machines. Our machines are fast, consistent and produce high quality Seams, every time. BMT™ Filter Seamers are recommended and used by all quality Filter manufacturers.”