SRS320FA-V3 Fully Automatic Filter Seaming machine

Fully Automatic Filter Seamer

SRS:320:FA-V3 Fully Automatic Filter Seamer

Explore efficiency with our Fully Automatic Single Head Spin-On Filter Seaming Machine, also suitable for CAV Filters:

  • Touchscreen PLC Controls: Smoothly operated with touchscreen-based PLC controls for user-friendly precision.
  • New Seaming Head Design: Seam filters with sheet thickness up to 1.50mm (0.06″) with our innovative seaming head design.
  • 4 Roller Double Seaming: Ensure consistent leak-proof seams with our advanced 4 roller double seaming design.
  • Puck-Based Loading: Filters with ends are efficiently loaded on nylon-made pucks (filter holders), streamlining the seaming process.
  • Optional Automatic Cover Feeder: Customize your machine with an automatic cover feeder based on your cover design.
  • Safety First: Benefit from safety checks – No Filter and No Cover means No Seam, ensuring a secure operation.
  • Quick Changeover: Experience rapid size changeovers with just 30 minutes for diameter changes and 5 minutes for height changes.
  • Safety Interlocks: Safety covers with fitted safety interlocks prioritize operator safety.
  • Optional Full Enclosure and Loop Conveyors: Opt for a full machine enclosure for added safety and loop conveyors for continuous puck movement (Filter Holders).
  • Ease of Operation and Maintenance: Designed to be easy to operate, maintain, and service, ensuring a smooth workflow.
  • CE Model Available: Choose our CE model with a full enclosure, meeting international safety standards for enhanced peace of mind.

Filters with Cover Assemblies are placed in the Pucks (Filter Holders).
These are fed from the conveyor into the machine.
A sensor detects the Bowl and checks for the presence of the Cover Assembly, and then indexes the Filter forward.
Filters are Automatically Seamed and exited from the opposite side of the Conveyor.
The machine can be fitted with an Automatic Cover Feeder depending on the Cover design.
Available with optional Inkjet Code / Date Printer.

Output Capacity Up to 20 filters per minute (size dependant)
Max. Filter Height 300mm (11.80″)*
Max. Filter Diameter 200mm (7.87″) *
Max. Sheet Thickness up to 1.50 mm (0.06″)*
Motor Power 3 HP or 5HP (Sheet Thickness dependant)
Air required
4 Bar
Net Weight 1200 Kgs. (2640 lbs.)
Gross Weight 1400 Kgs. (3080 lbs.)

*Machine can be modified to suit customer requirements.

“At BMT™, we specialize in crafting precision machines for various filter seaming needs, including Spin-on Filter Seaming, CAV Filter Seaming, Hydraulic Filter Seaming, Inward Filter Seaming, and Inverted Filter Seaming. Our comprehensive range includes Heavy Duty Seamers tailored for diverse filter types.”