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BMT Environment and Safety in Seaming

We Care for our World!

BMT™ employs the highest levels of Safety & Environmental Protection Standards


Ensure safety with our Seaming machines at every step:

  • Comprehensive Guards: Our machines are equipped with guards for all moving parts, prioritizing operator safety.
  • Mechanical Hand Safety Guards: For manual feeding requirements, mechanical hand safety guards are meticulously provided, enhancing safety protocols.
  • Safety Interlocks: We prioritize safety with incorporated safety interlocks, ensuring secure machine operation.
  • Customizable Safety Features: Additional safety curtains and guards are available upon request, tailoring safety measures to specific machine needs.
  • International Electrical Standards: Our machines adhere to international electrical standards, assuring reliability and safety in operation.
  • Secure Wiring through Conduits: All wiring is meticulously routed through conduits, enhancing safety and organization.
  • Earthing Points: To further ensure safety, our machines are equipped with designated earthing points.
  • Accessible Emergency Controls: Emergency switches and controls are strategically placed within the operator’s reach, enabling swift response in critical situations.
  • Operational Indicators: Certain machines are equipped with tower lights to provide clear indications of machine operation.
  • Transparent Acrylic Sheet Covers: Specific machines feature transparent acrylic sheet covers, offering both protection and visibility during operation.
  • Regulatory: All components, parts, pneumatics, and controls sourced externally strictly adhere to local standards and regulations.
  • CE Marked Machines: Our CE marked machines come with full guarding and enclosures as needed, emphasizing compliance with European safety standards.

Prioritize safety and compliance with our machines—designed to meet and exceed international standards.


Experience sustainability at its core with our environmentally conscious practices:

  • Abundant Green Cover: With over 30% green cover, we prioritize creating a thriving and eco-friendly environment.
  • Solar-Powered Operations: Our rooftop grid-tied solar plant efficiently meets approximately 50% of our power requirements, harnessing clean and renewable energy.
  • Rainwater Harvesting: We actively engage in rainwater harvesting to conserve this precious resource and promote sustainable water management.
  • Groundwater Recharging Wells: Contributing to water conservation efforts, our groundwater recharging wells help replenish local water sources.
  • Responsible Lubricant Disposal: We ensure the environmentally friendly disposal of lubricants, minimizing ecological impact.
  • Biodegradable Lubricants: Where possible, we opt for biodegradable lubricants, promoting sustainability and reducing our environmental footprint.
  • Efficient Waste Recycling: Our commitment to sustainability extends to the appropriate recycling of castings and metal waste, reducing landfill impact.
  • Sustainable Wood Sourcing: The wood used for crates and packing is carefully selected from sustainable sources, aligning with our dedication to responsible resource management.

Join us in fostering a greener, more sustainable future. Embrace eco-friendly practices that go beyond expectations, demonstrating our commitment to environmental responsibility.

“At BMT™, we have the expertise to manufacture a Seaming Machine to suit your specific requirements. We can also help you in design and testing for any Seamer Application. We are the Can Seamer specialist.”