Can Reforming Machine

Can Reforming Machine

  • Used for Re-Forming Flattened Round Cans.
  • Reforming is done between One Rubber and One Metal Roller.
  • Reformed Can is without visible marks.
  • Heavy-Duty Construction.
Round Can Flanging Machine

Round Can Flanger

  • Simultaneously Flanges both ends of Round Cans.
  • Semi-Automatic press type operation through key-clutch-cam.
  • Consistent and even flanging ensures proper seaming.
  • Heavy-Duty body made from close-grain cast iron.
  • CNC Machined, Hardened and Ground flanging dies for high accuracy and consistency.
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Round Can Beading Machine

  • Used for Beading / Grooving / Corrugating Round Tin Cans.
  • Semi-Automatic press type operation through key-clutch-cam.
  • Increases Rigidity and Stackability of Cans.
  • High Bead accuracy and consistency
  • CNC Machined Beading Rollers for high accuracy.
  • Heavy Duty Construction

Body Rolling Machine

  • Suitable for rolling Tin Sheet into round form.
  • Heavy-Duty Construction.
  • Semi-automatic foot pedal operation.
  • Rollers are Hardened, Ground & fitted with Needle Bearings.
  • Supplied complete with Electric Motor, Starter, V-belt & Guards.
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Side Seam Locking Machine

  • Used for Folding and Locking the Side Seam of Round or Irregular shaped cans.
  • Semi-Automatic, Foot Pedal Operation.
  • Power Press type Double Operation. 1 for Folding and 1 for Locking.
  • Tools made from special Die Steels, hardened and ground for absolute precision.
  • Heavy-Duty Construction.