Manual Can Seamer – Home Canning Seamer
  • Semi-Automatic Electrically operated Can Seamer.
  • Leak Proof and Consistent Seaming.
  • For Home, Laboratory or small Scale Canning.
  • Craft Beer, Beverage, Juice and Homebrew Canner.
  • Compact light-weight design. Easy to Transport and move.
  • Machine operation through Foot Switch or Single/Dual Push Buttons.
  • Cam Driven Rollers for Consistent Seaming.
  • Will accept PET Cans, Composite Cans (Paper tubes) and Metal Cans (thin sheet).
  • Seams Plain or Easy Open Ends.
  • Quick Changeover Time.
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The Can with the Lid (End) to be seamed is placed on the lifter plate. A Foot Switch (electronic) or  Push Button is pressed.

The Can is lifted to the Seaming Chuck, Seamed and brought down to the idle position and the machine is ready for the next Can.

Output Capacity~10-12 cans per minute
Min./Max. Can Dia.40/120 mm (1.6/4.75″)
Max. Can/Height200 mm (7.90″)
Max. Sheet Thickness0.20 mm (0.008″)
Motor Power400W – 220/110V – 1 Ph.
Net Weight75 Kg. (165 lbs.)
Gross Weight100 Kg. (220 lbs.)

“BMT manufactures Seaming machines for all applications and Industries. BMT Home Canning Seamers are robust and give consistent leak proof Seaming while being easy to operate, setup and move. “