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Since 1965

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Bubber Machine Tools. Leading Manufacturer of Can Seamer Machines

Can Seamers and
Can Machinery since 1965

We make Fully Automatic Can Seamers, Semi-Automatic Tin Seaming Machines, Filter Seaming Machines, Vacuum and Gas Flushing Seamers, PET Can Seamers and Can Reforming Lines.

We understand Seaming! With an experience of close to 60 years, Bubber Machine Tools (BMT™) has established a wide customer portfolio across industries such as Can Making, Canning (Food, Beverage, Paint, Chemical, Lubricants, etc.), Electronic Capacitors, Automotive and Industrial Filters, Car and Motorcycle Mufflers, Silencers, Composite Cans and Special Applications.
We have Seaming machines for various applications, in operation in over 50 countries.
The BMT™ Seamer and Bubber Can Seamer has for long been an Industry Recognised, Respected & Trusted brand.

“BMT™ can assist you with any seaming application, help you in developing your components and carry out sample runs. Our Strength lies in being able to Design and Manufacture a Seaming Solution for you.”

Fully Automatic Seaming Machine

SRS200FA-V3 Fully Automatic Round Can Seaming Machine in Stainless Steel
  • Fully Automatic Round Double Seaming Machines for Tin Cans, Composite and PET (plastic) Cans.
  • Automatic Drum Seamers.

Semi-Automatic Can Seamer Machine

SRS200 Semi-Automatic Round Can Seamer
  • Semi-Automatic Round Tin Sealing Machines for Metal, Paper (composite) and PET  (plastic) Cans.
  • Drum Seaming Machines.

Irregular (Non-Round) Can Seaming Machine

SPS200 Irregular Non-Round Can Seaming Machine
  • Non-Round Can Seaming Machine for Square, Rectangular, Oval, Triangular Cans.
  • Irregular Tin Sealer for 15 Kg / 15 ltr. Large Size Cans.

Vacuum Seamer with Nitrogen Gas Flushing

SRS200VF Semi-Automatic Vacuum and Nitrogen Gas Flush Seamer
  • Semi-Automatic Vacuum Seamer. Vacuum Seaming for Nuts, Milk Powder, etc.
  • Pressure Can Seamer for Tennis Ball Cans.
  • Vacuum Packaging Tin Cans.

Fully Automatic Filter Seaming Machine

SRS200FA-V3 Fully Automatic Round Can Seamer
  • Fully Automatic Spin-On Filter Seamer for Oil, Hydraulic, Fuel and Air Filters.
  • Automatic CAV Filter Seaming.
  • Heavy Duty Filter Seamers.

Semi-Automatic Oil Filter Seamer

Spin-on Oil Filter Seaming machine
  • Filter Seamer for Spin-On and CAV Automotive Filters.
  • Oil, Fuel and Air Filter Seaming.
  • Heavy Duty Filter Seaming.

Capacitor Seaming & Capacitor Grooving Machines

SRS200CP Capacitor Seaming Machine
  • Capacitor Seamer for Round, Rectangular, Square and Oval Capacitors.
  • Grooving & Beading Machines for Capacitors

Inward ‘J’ Type High Pressure Filter Seaming Machines

SRS320J Inward Seaming and J Seaming Machine
  • Filter Seamer for Inward Seaming of Hydraulic and Industrial High Pressure Filters.
  • Heavy Duty Internal Seaming machine.

Silencer Seaming & Muffler Hemming Machines

Silencer and Muffler Seaming machine
  • Seaming for Automotive and 2 Wheeler Silencer End Cap Curling and Hemming Machines.
  • Tie-Rod Curling and Sealing Machines.

Can Making Machines & Can Reforming Lines

Tin Can Body Beading Machine
  • Can Reforming Lines.
  • Machines for Can Flanging, Can Beading &
    Can Rolling.

Seamer Tooling – Seaming Chucks & Seaming Rollers

Seaming Chucks and Seaming Rollers from Bubber Machine Tools
  • Seaming Rollers and Seaming Chucks for Can Seamers.
  • We manufacture Seam Rolls and Chucks to your specifications, drawings and samples.

Custom Seamers & Special Purpose Machines

Custom Seaming machines
  • Machines for Custom Applications such as Horn Sealing & Tie-Rod Curling machines.
  • Custom Built Can Seaming Lines.
  • Newmap Cap Sealing machines.
  • Can Filling, Can Cleaning & Can Sterilization lines, etc.