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Leading Manufacturers of Can Seaming Machines since 1965

With an experience of over 55 years, Bubber Machine Tools (BMT™) has established a wide customer portfolio across industries such as Can Making, Canning (Food, Beverage, Paint, Chemical, Lubricants, etc.), Electronic Capacitors, Automotive & Industrial Filters, Car and Motorcycle Mufflers & Silencers, Composite Cans and scores of Special Applications.
We have Can Seamers and Seaming machines for various applications, in operation in over 50 countries.
The BMT™ Seamer and Bubber Seamer is an Industry Recognised, Respected & Trusted brand.

“BMT™ can assist you with any seamer application, help you in developing your components and carry out sample runs. Our strength lies in being able to design and manufacture a seaming solution for you.”

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  • Semi-Automatic Round Can Seaming Machines for Tin, Paper (composite) and PET  (plastic) Cans.
  • Drum Seaming Machines.
Can Seaming machine, can seamers, automatic can seamer
  • Fully Automatic Round Can Seaming Machines for Tin Cans, Composite and PET (plastic) Cans.
  • Automatic Drum Seamers.
Irregular Can Seamer, Non Round Can Seaming machine, Can closing machine, Tin Sealing Machine
  • Non-Round Can Seamer Machine for Square, Rectangular, Oval, Triangular Cans.
  • Irregular Can Seamer for 15 Kg / 15 ltr. Large Size Cans.
Vacuum Seaming Machine, Nitrogen Seaming machine, Vacuum Seamer
  • Semi-Automatic Vacuum Seamer. Vacuum Seaming for Nuts, Milk Powder, etc.
  • Pressure Can Seamer for Tennis Ball Cans.
  • Vacuum Seamer.
Filter Seamer, Automatic Filter Seaming, CAV Seamer, Oil Filter Sealing, Oil Filter Sealer
  • Fully Automatic Spin-On Filter Seamer for Oil, Hydraulic, Fuel and Air Filters.
  • Automatic CAV Filter Seaming.
  • Heavy Duty Filter Seamers.
Automobile Filter Seamer, Automobile Filter Seaming machine, spin-on filter seaming machine.
  • Filter Seamer for Spin-On and CAV Automotive Filters.
  • Oil, Fuel and Air Filter Seaming.
  • Heavy Duty Filter Seaming.
Capacitor Seamer, Capacitor Can Seaming, Capacitor Seaming
  • Capacitor Seamer for Round, Rectangular, Square and Oval Capacitors.
  • Capacitor Grooving & Beading Machine.
Filter Seamer, Inward Filter Seamer, Inward Filter Seaming, Filter Curling, Filter Beading, Hydraulic Spin-on Filters
  • Filter Seamer for Inward Seaming of Hydraulic and Industrial High Pressure Filters.
  • Heavy Duty Internal Seaming machine.
Muffler Seamer, Muffler Seaming machine, Silencer Seamer, Silencer Seaming machine
  • Seamer for Automotive and 2 Wheeler Silencer End Cap Curling and Hemming Machines.
  • Tie-Rod Curling and Sealing Machines.
can beading machine, can beader, can corrugating machine, can corrugation, beader, beading
  • Can Reforming Lines.
  • Machines for Can Flanging, Can Beading &
    Can Rolling.
Seaming Chucks and Seaming Rollers
  • Seaming Rollers and Seaming Chucks for Can Seamers.
  • We manufacture Seam Rolls and Chucks to your specifications, drawings and samples.
Custom Seaming machines
  • Machines for Custom Applications such as Horn Sealing & Tie-Rod Curling machines.
  • Custom Built Can Seaming Lines.
  • Newmap Cap Sealing machines.
  • Can Filling, Can Cleaning & Can Sterilization lines, etc.