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    Bubber Machine Tools
    P.O. Rayon and Silk Mills
    G.T. Road, Chheharta
    Amritsar 143 001, India
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    Contact us for the widest selection of seaming and sealing solutions, including:

    • Can Seamers: Standard and custom options for various can sizes and materials.
    • Craft Beer & Beverage Can Sealers: Specialized machines for perfect seals on craft brews and other beverages.
    • Filter Seamers & Sealing Machines: Ensure leak-proof seams on filters for optimal performance.
    • Capacitor Sealing Machines & Seamers: Reliable solutions for a variety of capacitor applications.
    • Muffler Seamers: High-quality seamers for durable muffler connections.
    • Drum Seamers & Sealers: Efficient machines for secure and airtight drum closure.
    • Tie-Rod Sealing Machines: Precise and reliable solutions for securing tie-rods.
    • Custom Applications: We design and build seamers and sealing machines to your specific needs.