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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions

How long have you been in Business?

BMT started operations in April 1965.
We were the first indeginous manufacturers of Can Seaming machines in India.

How does a Can Seamer work?

The Can Seaming operation is a mechanical process. The Can with the End to be Seamed is held between a Lifter Plate and a Seaming Chuck. Rollers are gradually moved inwards while rotating around the periphery of the Can to fold the End in to the Can to form a hook know as the Seam.

We have an application that hasn't been Seamed before. Can you help us with the Design?

Yes, certainly. We specialise in Seaming Machines and can customize a machine for your application. We can also help you in designing your components to be suitable for Seaming and carry out test / trials runs.

My Can/Component Size is Larger/Smaller than the range given in your specifications, can you Seam it?

No problem. Our Seamer specifications cover standard sizes but we can easily modify our machines for your Can/Component.

Do you make Chucks and Rolls for other Seamers?

Yes, we do. We make Chucks and Rollers of all kinds in D2 Steel and Stainless Steel. These can be further coated, if required.
We use standard seam profiles for the Rollers but also have full in-house profile development capability.

Are spare parts available for your Seamers?

Most definitely, yes. Almost all parts are available ex-stock.
We know off machines working with customers that were supplied 40+ years ago and have spares for those too.

How easy is it to Install and Maintan the Seamers?

Our machines are made to be user friendly. They are easy to setup, operate and maintain. We provide a comprehensive instruction manual and also provide videos to help with setup. Other than that we give lifetime support through email and video call.
In the event that a visit from a technician is required, that can be done.

What are the maintenance requirements for the Seaming machines?

Besides regular lubircation, our Seamers do not require much maintenance. There are no consumables as such.
Once in a few years (depending on usage), brass bushes and some springs need to be replaced.
Depending on the product being canned, machines should also be kept clean where there are corrosive materials in contact with the machine.
Rollers and Chucks have a service life and need to be changed depending on the usage.
All maintenance details are provided in the manual as well as a complete list of parts.

Do you ship Worldwide?

Absolutely, we ship to any location that is servicable by Air or Sea Cargo. We have shipped Seamers to over 50 countries.
You can also arrange to ship the machine through your own shipping agent and we will hand over the shipment locally to them.
International spare parts are typically sent through FedEx/UPS/DHL. These can be prepaid or sent through your Account.
Within India machines are shipped by road and spares are sent through surface or air courier.

How long does it take to ship a machine?

We usually ship out Semi-Automatic Seamers in 2-4 weeks and Fully Automatic Seamers in 8-10 weeks depending on ordered accessories, number of changeparts, etc.
Custom and Special Purpose Seamers / Machines may take longer depending on the customization required.
We will indicate the estimated shipping time in our quote to you.

What forms of Payment do you accept?

We can accept payments through Bank Transfer, Bank Letter of Credit or Paypal.

Do you sell used/pre-owned machines?

We do not actively trade or deal in used/pre-owned machines.
However our customers sometimes sell their older machines to upgrade to newer/faster Seamers. If we have information of such a machine being avaialble, we will share the details wih you.

Question not answered? Please contact us and we will get back to you at the earliest.