Seaming Rollers and Seaming Chucks

BMT™ manufactures seamer tooling (seaming rollers and chucks) for a wide range of machines, besides our own. These can be made from samples or from drawings.

Seamer tooling is manufactured from HCHC D2 or Stainless Steel. Options for Coatings are also available.

We have complete in-house facilities for Design and Manufacture of Seaming Roller and Seaming Chucks. We use standard roll profiles and also develop our own profiles as per customer components and Seam profile requirements.

Process and Equipments:

1. CNC machining and turning.
2. Heat Treatment.
3. Hardness Testing.
4. CNC Profile Cutting, Grinding and Diamond Polishing.
5. Digital and Analog Profile Projectors.
6. Seam Inspection Equipment for measuring final Seams.

BMT™ can design and manufacture Seamer Tooling based on your requirements and carry out trials and prototype runs. Contact us today for a quote!

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“BMT™ is a leading manufacturer of Premium Seaming Machines. We also make tooling for a wide range of Seamers other than our own. We have complete in-house facilities to manufacture top quality Seaming Rollers, Seaming Chucks and Seamer Tooling.”