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BMT is best known for its Can Seaming machines designed for various Seamer applications. The two most popular models are the SRS:200 & SRS:200:PN. These are very versatile machines and can be used for Seaming metal lids onto metal, plastic or composite (paper tube) cans.

These Can Seamers accept a wide range of Diameters & Heights with changeover times of less than 15 mins. This allows for several Can size changes per day, if required.

Our standard can seamers can me modified to suit custom requirements and applications. They are also used by many Capactior manufacturers the world over for closing oil filled capacitors.

Although built for Industrial use these machines are economical enough to be used for home canning or laboratory purposes. All our Seamers share the following design features:

Improved design for greater control over seam parameters

  • Heavy-duty construction. Body made from close-grain cast iron
  • Cans remain stationary during the Seaming operation
  • 4 roller seaming design
  • Quick changeover of tooling for different sizes
  • All moving parts are machined, hardened and ground to within close tolerances
  • Available in Stainless Steel cladding and Stainless Steel Contact parts, rollers and chucks

SRS:200:FA Fully Automatic Round Can Seamer
SRS:200:PN Semi-Automatic Pneumatic System
SRS:200 Semi-Automatic Round Can Seamer
SRS:320 Large Size Seamer
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