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Can Seamer and Can Closing machines

Can Seamer, Can Seamers, Can Making machines


BMT is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified, leading manufacturer of Automatic and Semi - Automatic Can Making and Seaming machines.
We specialize in Seamers for Cans, Drums, Capacitors, Automotive Filters, Mufflers and Special Applications.

We can assist you with any seam application, help you in developing your components and carry out sample runs. Our strength lies in being able to custom design a seaming solution for you.

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Muffler SeamerTin Can Sealing machineCan Seamer machine
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• Fully Automatic Can Seaming   machine - Single / Double Head
• Vacuum Seamer - SRS:200:VF
• Round Can Seamer - SRS:200
• Round Can Seamer - SRS:200:PN

• Irregular (Non- round) Can Seamers
• Capacitor Seamer / Beader
• Spin-on (Oil/Fuel) Filter Seamer
• Fully Automatic Filter Seamer
• 'J' Type Filter Seaming machine
• Silencer (Muffler) Seamer
 Can Making Line
  • Shearing Machine
• Body Rolling Machine
• Notching Machine
• Side Seam Locking Machine
• Irregular Can Flangers
• Round Can Flanger
• Round Can Beading Machine
 Reforming Line
  • Round Can Body Reformer
  • Round Can Flanger
  Seamer Tooling
  Special Purpose Machines

  Complete Product Range
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BMT was founded in 1965 in Amritsar.......
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Factory area of over 6,000 sq. meters.....
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Operator Health & Safety is taken very seriously...
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Can Making & Seaming machines....
Can Standards
Industry Standards for 2 & 3 Piece cans...

ISO 9001:2000 Certification
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BMT (Bubber Machine Tools) is a leading global supplier of Can Making & Seaming machines. Our products include Can Seamers / Can Closers / Tin Lid Sealers, Drum Seamers, Filter Seamers, Capacitor Seamers, and special purpose seaming machines. In addition to these we also assist our customers in developing their components to be ready for seaming. We are a complete Can Seamer Seamer specialist and can help you with any seaming application. BMT can also help you evaluate your seaming requirements by doing sample runs at a very economical prices.